Children's Program

At Orange Tree Foundation, we understand the importance of a child's foundation years of education. The Program inducts 15-20 children every year and makes a commitment to support them for their education and health until they complete their education. What stands at the center of the program's mission is to develop well balanced, responsible and God loving citizens for the community.

The Montessori Program at Orange Tree admits students as early as 2.5 years of age, which is an educational approach developed by the Italian physician/educator, Maria Montessori. This approach focuses on independence, freedom within limits and a child's natural psychological, and physical and social development.

While at Orange Tree, the students come to school five days a week for three hours for Montessori training provided by professionally trained Montessori teachers. The year long program prepares students for admission tests in renowned mainstream schools across Karachi.

The Program facilitates admission processes for the students enrolled. Once the child is admitted into a private school; s/he graduates from the Montessori Program and becomes part of the Alumni of Orange Tree Foundation. The child then comes to Orange Tree twice a week or more for reinforcement classes of everything that is being taught in his/her respective school.

Mothers' Program

At Orange Tree Foundation, we firmly believe that a child's first hand education always comes from home and in most cases, the mother. Thus, it is extremely vital for us to train and educate the mothers of OT students alongside.

The first year of the Montessori Program requires the mother of the child to attend school regularly five days a week for three hours, alongside her child, for various classes focusing on "character building & education".

The curriculum of the Mothers' Program is broken down under various modules including Quran, Hygiene, English Language, Computers, Handicraft making, Grooming, General Knowledge and Critical Thinking. The mothers are also given weekly workshops on various health issues, domestic and psychological problems, confidence building exercises etc.

The Mothers' Program also encourages social activities including field trips such as budgeted shopping or visits to Old Age Homes etc. in order to prepare them for all kinds of exposure and experience. Monthly and quarterly assessments are also part of the curriculum for all mothers. Grades on their annual report cards are taken into serious consideration while determining what school their children should be sent to. Grades are based on their behavior, participation and progress in the past one year.